Talks & Publications

Fostering Gender Diversity in the Games Industry
M+DEV 2018

Transmedia Educational Game Design: Making A Game About A Show That Doesn’t Quite Exist Yet
Play Make Learn 2018

Playtesting and Prototyping Games for the Classroom: Putting Students and Teachers at the Center of Playful Learning
Games for Change Festival, 2017

Using iBeacons for Location-Based Tracking in Alternate Reality Games
HCI International, 2016

Engineering a Collaborative Framework for Applied Game Development
Meaningful Play, 2016

UX Design Considerations for Healthcare Games and Applications
IEEE Serious Games for Applications in Healthcare, 2016

Everyone Hates You: A Serious Game for Cyberbullying Prevention and Education
The Exley, Vol. III, 2015

Using a Game-Based Simulation to Complement Face-to-Face Medical Education
JCCC Healthcare Simulation Conference, 2014

Game-Based Simulations: Using Stories and Gameplay to Create Research-Based Education and Training Environments
The Exley, Vol. I, 2012



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