Trans* Mission

Trans* Mission is an arcade game that teaches the social struggles of being transgender. My goal with the project was to create a game that promotes empathy in under 30 seconds.


Trans* Mission was designed to showcase a message as quickly as possible. In the game, players must support their friend at a party by correcting people who are using the wrong pronouns for them. Players quickly realize that all of the guests will continuously make the same mistake, promoting empathy for the frustration that trans people often feel in social situations.

Copy of Creating Empathy in 30 Seconds

I created Trans* Mission as a solo project during Global Game Jam 2018. I participated in the largest Global Game Jam site in the US, where Trans* Mission was awarded with an Honorable Mention. Afterward, I had the unique opportunity to demo the game at Microsoft HQ in New York, where players enjoyed it so much that they started competing with each other for a pronoun-correcting high score!

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