Collisions: Play Chemistry

Collisions is a series of interconnected chemistry games for web and mobile platforms. Collisions is used in high schools across the US to provide support for students throughout a year long chemistry curriculum.

Copy of A Series of Tubes

Collisions teaches the foundations of seven chemistry content areas:

  • Atoms

  • Ions

  • Ionic Bonding

  • Covalent Bonding

  • Acids & Bases 

  • IMFs

  • Phase Change

In each area of the game, players must create and manipulate particles to solve puzzles. Each of the 7 content areas has unique mechanics that map to its chemistry learning objectives. Balancing diverse mechanics within one cohesive game experience was a fun and tricky design challenge!

Copy of Unique Mechanics

All seven content areas are connected to each other, allowing learning to build over time. Players can transfer particles between content areas to solve new challenges and deepen their understanding of how different chemistry concepts are related.

As the lead designer on Collisions for over a year, my responsibilities included: 

  • Leading the design and development of the IMFs and Phase Change content areas

  • Creating and balancing game content based on real chemistry data 

  • Designing and implementing 60+ new levels for the game

  • Conducting user tests in NYC high school classrooms

  • Creating design documents, paper prototypes, and storyboards for new game mechanics

Copy of Exploratory Learning

Collisions has won multiple awards including the Academic’s Choice Mind Spring Award and was recognized as a 2018 Webby Honoree.

You can read more about Collisions here.

Quinn Crossley